International Quantum Hub
The Netherlands: Leader in quantum tech

When it comes to innovation and business, the Netherlands has a rich history. A pioneer in quantum technology, the country is at the forefront of this groundbreaking industry. The National Quantum Technology Agenda details industry ambitions: positioning the Netherlands as an international leader and quantum technology hub: the Quantum Delta NL. ​

Quantum Delft is a key player in Quantum Delta NL. It’s home to world-leading research institutes QuTech, QuSoft and QT/e, fosters collaborations between universities (e.g. Leiden, Twente, Utrecht) as well as with research and technology organizations such as TNO, and counts over 20 international commercial partners including Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Shell, ABN AMRO, and Juniper Networks.

“Knowledge is the starting point. The goal is to apply it”

— Freeke Heijman, Director Quantum Delft

The Netherlands: ​

  • #1 most competitive economy in Europe according to the World Economic Forum (2019).​
  • 420 million euro budget for quantum development​
  • 15+ universities and research & technology organizations​
  • Developed 1st European quantum computer​
  • Created a test bed for quantum sensors​
  • 170 million consumers within a 500 km radius​
  • 90% of all Dutch people speak English​
  • #6 happiest country in the world​
  • Centrally connected in Europe: #1 for port infrastructure & most connected country
  • Excellent ICT hub: the world’s largest Internet Exchange​
  • Fast-track visa procedures for highly skilled tech workers