What makes us special?
The Delft Approach

A quantum computer is more than just qubits: in order to create a working quantum computer, you’ll also need quantum hardware and software. ​That’s why Delft chose to go with a full-stack approach to develop both a quantum computer and quantum internet, combining science and engineering to build the future together. You’ll find our resident scientists work on stabilizing quantum particle entanglement, while the engineers turn their attention to the necessary sensors, algorithms and electronics needed to harness it all.

“I am convinced that quantum is one of the key technologies for our future, one that will contribute to a healthy economy and a better world.”

— Mona Keijzer State Secretary of Economic Affairs & Climate

​The Delft approach to quantum computing can be broken down into several stack layers: from interaction with the outside world via algorithms and software to hardware control over the quantum chip’s individual qubits. Each layer within the stack has its own research roadmap for companies to join in with.​

​Because we work on either end of the stack simultaneously, we drive development in both. In the end, these two tracks will need to be joined in order to truly create the future of quantum. ​

Right now, nobody knows which qubit will turn out to work best. That’s why QD residents are working on four different qubits at once: Superconducting Transmon Qubit, Silicon Spin Qubit, Diamond NV Center Qubit, and Topological Qubit.​

Although our residents come from different backgrounds, we’re all focused on the same thing: building the first quantum computer and quantum internet. Our overall approach integrates science and engineering to build a fully functioning prototype. And we’re not the only ones who believe we can do it—Delft is one of the largest receivers of European Scientific Funding in the field of quantum technology. ​

​We believe the Delft Approach is the key to the quantum revolution. Will you join us?

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​If you want to stay ahead in quantum, QD is the place to be. At Quantum Delft, we provide innovative quantum businesses with access to top talent, a pool of 200 researchers, a strong start-up community and top-notch research facilities.​

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