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Quantum Delft is a unique ecosystem that has been decades in the making: a hotspot for excellent scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who rigorously lead the way in quantum technology.

Abundance of talent

Ranked as the #1 University in the Netherlands, Delft is a rich breeding ground for talent. An average of 23,500 BSc & MSc students and 2,800 PhDs are studying and working at TU Delft campus. Delft engineers are well known for being independent, entrepreneurial and skilled to contribute to groundbreaking solutions.

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Our residents

“It is important for us to be able to design new specifications with leading users and to benefit from each other’s knowledge. That is why we decided to relocate our R&D to Delft”

— Rob Blaauwgeers,
CEO of Bluefors

At Quantum Delft, you’ll find a vibrant, innovative community where top-quality scientists, engineers, students and entrepreneurs work together on the frontier of quantum technology.

what’s going on

QphoX raises €8m to bring quantum modem technology to market, building towards the quantum internet

QuantWare awarded €7.5M from the European Innovation Council To Rapidly Scale Superconducting Quantum Processors.

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If you want to stay ahead in quantum, QD is the place to be. At Quantum Delft, we provide innovative quantum businesses with access to top talent, a pool of 200 researchers, a strong start-up community and top-notch research facilities.​

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