Why is QD the place for you

A unique ecosystem where quantum science and business meet

Quantum Delft
Accelerate and grow

Delft is unique for its engineering culture and top facilities. Quantum Delft has been decades in the making. Our unique can-do mentality and full-stack approach welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds to build new technology and benefit from our top-notch facilities. ​

  • Our team rolls out the “orange carpet” to facilitate a soft landing, ensures everything runs smoothly and can answer any questions you may have.
  • Access to top-quality facilities: office space, state-of-the-art laboratories and clean rooms, ample conference rooms and more.
  • QD communicates matters to the general public, lobbies for quantum development and represents the community at official events.
A host of innovative talent

At Quantum Delft, we believe that the key to innovation is mixing talent with a diverse background and expertise. Thanks to our Resident Talent Events, national and international students from TU Delft find their way to the right partner among ecosystem parties – and vice versa.

  • We provide a wide range of on-campus events and informal get-togethers, so residents can connect and build a community.​
  • We regularly host matchmaking events where we actively match students and graduates to resident companies and investors.
  • We partner with QuTech Academy, the on-site quantum technologies school, to discover and match university talent on a national and international level. ​
  • We offer internship programmes and job listings on both the applied and academic level, so your company gets the human resources it needs.
Tap into the future

QD hosts a unique mix of companies and research groups that cover the full quantum information stack. By actively inviting new companies to join us, helping start-ups grow and focusing on shared projects, our mission is to grow the ecosystem. Each new partnership brings us closer to developing and integrating components for building the quantum computer and the quantum internet.

  • QD is always on the lookout to attract the best companies in the field. We carefully pinpoint companies that add value to the ecosystem as a whole.​
  • The quantum entrepreneurship development program helps you to commercialize your start-up idea.
  • We regularly organize end user events in order to stimulate collaborations and match talent with companies and researchers.
  • We provide opportunities to engage in public-private partnerships with other residents and knowledge partners, supported by government funding schemes.

“Here at Quantum Delft, we are connected to and inspired by high-end research groups; both academic and corporate. We can test and codesign our products with researchers who will be using them. Moreover, we can easily collaborate with other suppliers that offer complementary products. Apart from our long standing collaboration with QuTech, several new collaborations are being formed. Most concrete is our recent project with QD-resident Delft Circuits.”

— Niels Bultink, CEO Qblox

Join the ecosystem

If you want to stay ahead in quantum, QD is the place to be. At Quantum Delft, we provide innovative quantum businesses with access to top talent, a pool of 200 researchers, a strong start-up community and top-notch research facilities.​

​Interested in joining Quantum Delft? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our dedicated team is happy to assist you.