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Quantum Delft is on a mission to build a strong and innovative community where top-quality scientists, engineers, students, and entrepreneurs come together in a unique campus environment at the frontier of quantum technology.

Our scientists are carrying out cutting-edge research on many different types of qubits, as well as building a working prototype quantum internet.

We have world-class cleanrooms and outstanding laboratory facilities right here on campus.

Our vibrant startup community is growing rapidly, producing highly valuable products and services that are helping to enable the global quantum industry. Discover more here!

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Our residents not only work on quantum tech, but also develop sensors, algorithms, electronics, and other vital components. Meet them here:

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There are high expectations of the quantum computer and quantum internet, from intricating global climate change models or models of the immune system’s capability to destroying cancer cells, or creating inherently secure internet connections. Because of this extensive range of opportunities, TU Delft, TNO, QuTech and the Municipality of Delft have joined forces to strengthen the quantum ecosystem with QD.


We are really building something new together

“Working together with industry partners is essential for the developments in quantum computing. In the partnership with Bluefors we are exploring and deploying cryogenic electronics, electronics that operate at very low temperatures, to interface with the qubits. Intel is on board to contribute to the fabrication of large qubit arrays. Our aim is to realize a quantum integrated circuit. Working together in close proximity with Bluefors is crucial for these developments; we are really building something new together, which means experimenting and putting our heads together a lot to keep on moving forward.”

— Menno Veldhorst, Team Leader Fault-tolerant Quantum Computing at QuTech and Roadmap Leader of QuTech Academy