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Qblox wins CES 2021 Innovation Award

Startup Qblox has won the title of CES2021 Innovation Award honoree for their next generation of quantum control hardware: the Cluster Series. The award is a part of CES2021, the world’s most influential tech event.

Qblox receives UNIIQ-investment to develop their control stack

Qblox has received an important investment for developing, testing and refining their Qblox control stack and launching their technology on a broader market. The UNIIQ investment “allows for a wider product launch, contributing to an acceleration in the scaling up of quantum computing”, according to co-founder and CEO of Qblox, Niels Bultink. The Mayor of the City of Delft, Marja van Bijsterveldt, announced the great news on her visit to Qblox today.

New QD company: Orange Quantum Systems

A new Delft-based quantum computing start-up, Orange Quantum Systems, was founded last week. They aim to share their know-how in building complex quantum computing systems with research groups worldwide and aim to help them develop quantum computing technology.