What makes us special?
An effective approach to speed up developments

QD is built on developments going back almost twenty years ago, when we created our own unique approach to developing the quantum computer and the quantum internet. This so-called full-stack approach drives innovation at either end: our residents don’t just work on quantum tech, but also develop sensors, algorithms, electronics and other vital elements.​

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An ecosystem for quantum research and companies

“In Delft, a whole new ecosystem of research and companies has emerged around the quantum institute QuTech, a joint initiative by TU Delft and TNO. Microsoft now has its own quantum lab located at TU Delft Campus, and several smaller high-tech companies are coming to us. Our strong position here in the Netherlands is partly due to the Dutch government’s early recognition of the importance of quantum. We can now build on that success with the National Agenda on Quantum Technology.”

─ Ronald Hanson, Former Scientific Director at QuTech

Join the ecosystem

​If you want to stay ahead in quantum, QD is the place to be. At Quantum Delft, we provide innovative quantum businesses with access to top talent, a pool of 200 researchers, a strong start-up community and top-notch research facilities.​

​Interested in joining Quantum Delft? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our dedicated team is happy to assist you.